The Point Lookout Civic Association is a not-for-profit corporation operated primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community of Point Lookout, NY.

The Purpose of the PLCA is the promotion of civic interests  and improvements of the community in general. We also work to obtain protection for the benefit of the residents and property owners of Point Lookout.

Please take this opportunity to explore this site and learn more about how you can join and support our efforts in serving and protecting our town.


Our Leadership


Matt Brennan-President

Kevin Haff-Vice President
Chuck Hanson-Treasurer
George Monasterio-Secretary
Kevin Haff-Chairman

Board of Directors

Bruce Banghart
Kevin Beauregard
John Burke
Brendan Cahill
Brian Emery
Rosemary Gallagher
Tim Gola
Mary Goldberg
Judy Halpin
Ray Haag
Bernie Kennedy
John Manning
Jo Morgan
Katelyn Mulvey
Tom Moran
Scott O’Sullivan
Terence Reynolds
Sean Stalteri
Mike Sullivan
Ken Warner
Ed Wengler