Flag Picture

The navy blue background of the flag represents the blue waterways of the Atlantic Ocean, Jones Inlet and Reynolds Channel that surround Point Lookout. The blue has been matched to the "Old Glory Blue" found in the US Flag out of respect to our national colors and offering the ability to be flown attractively in tandem.

There are 15 Stars on the flag representing all the named streets and throughways in Point Lookout. They have been arranged in the constellation figure of two fishes recalling Point Lookout's first major industry and primary local food source. The fish on the left represents Point Lookout's Past and the fish on the right represents Point Lookout's Future--and where they intersect represents our Present.

Underneath the stars is found an object through which to look-out, namely a brass telescope reflecting Point Lookout's nautical position and heritage. The scope boldly points to the right, looking in the direction of Point Lookout's future.

Finally, underneath the telescope are the initials "P L". Of course representing the name of the town, Point Lookout.

Our Flag was Designed by Patrick James Algier, Confirmed by the Point Lookout Civic Association, and Adopted by the Community Abroad, as the Official Flag of the Town of Point Lookout, NY.

The PL Flag proudly flies in Point Lookout, NY on civic flag poles, over homes, businesses and boats in addition to being displayed nationally/internationally by the many admirers/visitors of this popular seaside community.  For information on order a flag, please contactpointlookoutflag@gmail.com.